Listed below are all my favorite products that have blessed me with the opportunity to be an affiliate for them. What does this mean for you? It means a special savings coupon made specifically for us allows for discounts galore! What better way to start a collection of amazing products…at a discount! ONLY products that have been tested for quality and businesses that have stellar customer service are picked to be highlighted here. Rest assured, you will be satisfied with EVERY purchase!


Sew Grown

Hand crafted products to support a natural lifestyle. These purses and clutches are fabulously crafted with an extra layer of protection just in case you have an EO leak. Beautiful designs reminiscent of earlier patterns from around the world, all with a modern twist. Offering more than EO carriers, you will find beautiful bead bracelets and a line for kids.



Aromatic International

Check out my number one choice in essential oils, Aromatic International. Top of the line website with EVERYTHING you need to know about each oil BEFORE you purchase it! The link provided gives you $15 off you first purchase of $100 or more!


eden’s garden

Hands down one of the best companies to purchase synergy blends from…they never disappoint. PLUS they have a OK for Kids line that you must check out! A fabulous website with just the right amount of information. Wonderful to work with, endless information and a stellar nontoxic product line. Earn points with each purchase and save!



Beautiful jewelry finely crafted allowing you to wear your oils everywhere you go. From necklaces, to bracelets to car diffuses there is a fit and style for everyone