Starting my business for you

            You should not have to spend extra hours any store reading labels trying to guess whether or not products have been made with pure natural ingredients.  You should not have to research each scientific name to find all the synthetic materials mixed in with just a few “all natural” ones.    Most importantly, you should be able to trust that what is listed on the label is actually what you are getting.  Naturally Simplified does this for you, builds trust and fabulous products that provide the results you need!  Using only the components necessary makes Naturally Simplified’s ingredient list short, reliable and easily understood.

            That store bought brand that we all use/ed is filled with alcohol, synthetic fragrance (more alcohol), chemicals we cannot pronounce and water.  The main ingredients in the lotions and butters we buy from super stores for cheap, low prices do very little to help with our skin ailments.  In fact, if nearly 50% of the lotion you are buying is water and alcohol then no wonder you can purchase that huge bottle for a few dollars!  Search after search, label after label I realized that purchasing from a super store was never going to help find the answers for us.  I became extremely frustrated with the lies of the companies telling us their products were all natural, organic, pure, etc.

           Do you have the chaffed at the seams of your clothes, rashes from too much perfume, sensitive skin?  Do store bought body butters fail in getting the needed results because they do not have the ingredients necessary to do so?  When a friend posted an article about people forgetting our largest organ in our body is our skin, I start to pay closer attention to what I was slathering on mine…and you should too.

            I stopped looking in the stores and started researching healthier, non-toxic ways to make a product line you could count on.  Creating variant blends to fit the needs of different customers, and also to adapt to the seasonal changes that cause altered skin irritants throughout the year was a huge necessity.  Each product is carefully planned, researched and unconditionally has the health of the consumer (YOU!) in mind.  Countless hours are spent researching, learning and studying the different oils, butters, and carriers to help improve and support a healthier life, healthier skin, a healthier you.

           Continuing to learn more about the wonderful world of all natural and organic, allows for implementation of different products into my store for you.  It is my hope to not only educate people on the importance of watching what we consume in both body care and household products, but also to offer affordable, honest products that work.   “Simplified” to ensure a smooth transition into your everyday routine and continued use.