Intro to my Life with Anxiety

Anxiety is an issue on the rise. As we plug more and more into our daily routines and try to keep up with all the vast changes around us, life can get overwhelming no matter who you are. My first memorable moment toe to toe with anxiety was in my early teens. I didn't feel right, didn’t feel like "me". I remember being real quiet which was out of the norm for me...I’ve been a chatterbox since I was born according to my parents. I was afraid to say anything, seemed real silly the way I felt. After all I wasn’t “actually sick”, I just felt weird. It must have been more noticeable that I thought because I remember my dad asked me if I was okay, I lied and said yes. He knew it, he knew something was wrong and could see I was depressed so he did what I’m sure most dads would do, he took us out for ice-cream. It makes me smile uncontrollably when I think of that day. Knowing someone cared enough about me to see the change in my behavior and to make effort to fix it, that’s an unconditional love there. Love you dad!

Fast forward many years of battling anxiety and learning to control it through small talk in my head; Facing reality and forcing myself to analyze my thoughts so I could try hard to find my trigger. Truth is, life has a funny way of making you feel ways you shouldn’t. My triggers were always different but I was learning to cope...learning to cope without prescription medication and that was half the battle for me.

Before I go any further I’d like to mention that although I was able to keep my anxiety on the downlow, I do not recommend this to anyone. I’m not sure how it’s measured, maybe mine wasn’t that bad...but it should have been something I gave more attention. It is a killer of good health and is not to be reckoned with. Please, if you are having issues with anxiety, seek advice from a licensed medical practitioner of your liking and comfort.

When oils came into my life, I was on a major adjustment. I had just married the love of my life, bought a home together, mother of a teen daughter and the list goes on. Thing is even with all these positives, anxiety was still being a bitch and I about had it.

ESSENTIAL OILS DID HELP ME. I was new to the aromatherapy world so starting out with lavender was the first step for me. As my aromatherapy skills progressed, so did my ability to mix blends that were perfect for multiple symptoms I had during an anxiety attacks and throughout the year...say seasonal allergy congestion. But lavender, yeah, lavender was my gateway oil.

It has been over three years now and I still have my battles but one thing is for sure, having essential oils has helped me immensely. It is amazing how our sense of smell has so much control over how we process our thoughts. A quick whiff of lavender mixed with lemon and a dash of peppermint…BOOM, I’m focused and ready for whatever life has for me that day.

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