The First Oily Experience

I started on my venture to DIY my own body butters and thought, yes, I got this! In the process of my own DIY I also wanted to decrease the amount of unnecessary chemicals and toxic ingredients I was slathering on my skin. I did a bit of research and saw that I could purchase some oils that were created to match some of my favorite name brand scents! Yeah!

I quickly decided on Secret Garden, Warm Amber, lilies and lilacs and Warm Vanilla Sugar. This was going to be great! Plus, they were real inexpensive… As I waited for the oils to arrive I continued my research on oils and something occurred to me...fragrance oil and essential oil are talked about differently. Here I thought they were one in the same, boy was I wrong. I was still excited to get my new oils and have my own handmade smell goods to rave about.

When the oils arrived, I was happy to smell them and they did smell quite similar to the original but there was a strange after smell that threw me off. Again, I continued to research and in that time realized the after smell was most likely the left behind synthetic smell of ingredients that were not natural at all. This made me angry. The site plainly stated all-natural fragrance oils, I think…?

After a closer look at the site I purchase my first "oils" from, I read that the oils were “derived from natural ingredients”. This meant they contained synthetics and a plethora of other ingredients I was not happy to have purchased.

My concern spiked a desire to find out more about the difference between these oils and why I was being fooled into thinking what I was purchasing was natural when indeed it was not natural at all.

The journey began into the world of aromatherapy, natural, organic and wild crafted. I set out to learn as much as I could and pass that knowledge on to others so they wouldn't make the same mistakes I did.  I ventured out to find the perfect company to order oils from. 

Search after search I came across Mountain Rose Herbs, a company that has an astounding amount of credentials and comes highly recommended by many people (side note: there are MANY essential oil companies that are reputable. Find what works best for you…this was my first experience with EO’s. I currently use other companies for various resources for multiple reasons). If you have not checked MRH out, please do. Their mission, connection to sustainability and overall love of what they do is what drew me to them initially.  This is were I purchased my first, true essential oil and yes, it was Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia).

That said, it is important to find someone who is knowledgeable in the subject of essential oils. Preferably someone who is certified; has put in the time to complete courses that educate on the numerous areas of aromatherapy. The field is a constant learning experience, it takes time and effort. Find that person who is passionate about it and I doubt you will ever go wrong when choosing oils for your project.

Just a side note: I recently used the original mold that I had produced my first lotion pods in.  The one I used the “fragrance oils” listed above to make. Three years later and the mold still reeked of synthetic material! My re-trained nose was not happy with me! I finally let it go, threw the mold in the garbage!