Allergies be gone

One of the most amazing things discovered when using essential oils has been its ability to help ease the dreaded side effects of seasonal allergies.  Special blends have been created to help with decongestion, watery, itchy eyes, the dreaded drainage and lack of sleep.  Had I not experience this for myself, I would probably still be skeptical but let’s face it, when you have tried almost everything and nothing really does the job you’ll experiment with new ways…especially natural healthier alternatives!

I used to use multiple prescriptions drugs just to keep my allergies in check.  My body builds a tolerance for medications quickly so I had to switch out what I was taking often.  Most meds lasted long enough for me to get some sleep but I often woke up unrested, sick to my stomach and cranky.  My journey into the essential oil world did not begin with allergy relief but it quickly became a huge part of my interest and studies. 

The online class about lavender given by Andrea Butje of Aromahead is what did it for me.  You can view her webinar about lavender oils, how they should be used, when and what each one has to offer you HERE.  I highly recommend taking the time to go through this course.  Lavender is the gateway oil and its uses are nearly endless.  Everyone should have some lavender in their life!

After a few trials and some research done on what oils work best with each other to create a super synergy of allergen fighters I settled on the very simple blend of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), and Frankincense (Boswellia carterii).  Equal drops of each to fill a .05mL bottle with the blend and I’m all set. 

I started making the blend ahead because it was easier to keep one bottle by my bedside all ready to go.  When I’m sleepy I tend to be ultra-lazy and wouldn’t take the time to mix the oils, yes even though I knew how much they helped me!  Plus carrying bottles from bedroom to office day in and day out was getting on my nerves.  I highly recommend investing in some of the smaller dropper bottles to make blends ahead in.  You could also wait until a bottle runs out and then mix in it.

It only took a few weeks to see results, I had less reaction to the changing weather and generally felt better…. I was even sleeping more soundly too.  It was not until the following year of seasonal issues that I realized I did not need my allergy medication.  As long as I pay attention to the weather and my body’s natural defense mechanisms for getting ahead of an actual full-blown allergy attack, I stay symptom free.

Three years later, prescription drug free, I still test the waters to see if I can go without.  Although that has not happened, I am content with using essential oils to control it.

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