Are your essential oils really highest quality?

The essential oil world has blown up right before our eyes. People are regularly talking about using oils in their homes and at work for multiple reasons. Grocery super stores are even carrying oils and supplies.  Overwhelmed with choices, two of the biggest questions and concerns in the oily world is, “Am I getting quality oils and how do I know for sure?”

The answer is not as easy as one would hope but I’m certain we can shed some light on the subject. Let’s get you on your way to feeling confident with the oils you purchase, how to use them and whom to trust when asking questions about each oil.

First and foremost, find someone who is qualified to give information.  It isn’t impossible for someone to research oils on their own and have all the proper information to give you but to be absolutely sure, please find someone that you trust who is also certified.  There are a few different certifications, and it takes years to become a pro.  Having said that, when someone invests their time to go through hundreds of hours of research, prep, videos, classes, blends, trials and finals, you can rest assured that this person will not steer you in the wrong direction.  It is an endless learning experience.  The person you trust should show a continued interest in researching oils. This person should be following and learning from those who make it their life long journey to provide us with the latest, safest and clearest information about each oil and its components.

After you find that special someone, connect with them, ask questions, get down and dirty to the whys of their choices and experiences.  A high quality certified aromatherapist will not hide anything from you, nor will they bash what you have already discovered or are using.  Giving someone the information they need to make their own choices (unless you are unsafely using oils -totally different subject) is the proper way to go.  There are companies that are better than others (hands down and all around) but for the most part it’s a personal experience and a connection with the company of choice that seals the deal.

In truth, most essential oils companies will be receiving their oils from the same distiller, or at least from the same area.  It’s the testing and the relationship with the distiller, at this point, that starts the purity process. When companies have great working relationships with the distillers, when those companies visit their distillers and lend a helping hand, when the roads of communication are open between distiller and essential oil companies, you can be certain those oils are going to be top notch.  When an essential oil distiller goes out of their way to make sure people are treated fairly, compensated correctly for the work they have put in, thrive in their communities due to the positive approach and relationships formed, then you will receive beautiful oils every time. 

The internet makes searching very easy, take advantage of this….or find that certified aromatherapist that nerds out and does it for you (inserts waving hands emoji here because that’s me)!  In a world where everyone is connected and ready to hail their opinion to all, it only takes a few clicks to find a plethora of information ON ANYTHING. This can be both good and bad.  Good because information is readily available. Bad because that information is overwhelming and needs sorted out. Good because it in a way it protects us from companies trying to pull a fast one. Bad because sometimes, through the speed of delivery, they do so anyway. 

Online business is flourishing, essential oil companies are no exception.  There is no reason why the company of choice should not have all the information you want available right there, easy for you to find.  If the company does not have a guarantee of quality and satisfaction, leave.  If the company does not have GC/MS, whether you know how to read them or not, leave.  If the company does not have a page dedicated to helping answer questions that customers have, leave.  Some companies will have more to offer upfront than others and that’s okay.  Each company should offer a transparency that is distinguishable right from the get go.  There are also companies that consistently donate to organizations…make sure you consider this and agree with the contributions that are made (most times this is promotional but still, it shows some character of the company).  I would also like to note that my tone here is just to be blunt and honest, not nasty or pushy.  This is a touchy subject for some but I want to be sure that everyone understands the importance of these attributes when searching for the perfect company. 

The list goes go on for what you could look for in a company but most of those start to become personal preference.  If you are having trouble finding the right fit, ask a certified aromatherapist. Be sure to connect with that person and really trust what they have to offer you.  If you are in search of a reputable aromatherapist that nerds out and gets totally engrossed in her essential oil, natural living and toxin free research, you need look no further.  Hit me up, drop an email, simply click HERE and fill out the form so we can be on our way to improving your health.