Burn so Bad

It was a lapse of judgement on my part but aren’t all accidents just that?  I won’t get into detail on the how, just know that extremely hot water was the culprit. Hot enough that through clothing in just seconds I had third degree blister burns and the splashes rendered second degree dermis burns all down my leg.

I freaked, can’t say I panicked at first because somehow my body was able to get out of the line of fire and shut the water off before I even realized my leg was wwaayyyy hotter than it should be. Minutes went by and I’m not sure what all happened during that time...I can only report what happened in the days and weeks to come.

Being the type of burns I had, putting any mix of carrier oil or butter on it right away was not the method to use. My skin was still hot and needed special attention. During this time, I chose to allow my body to do its natural thing. I’d wait until the area felt normal body temperature and then I’d proceed with some natural remedies for burns.

By day three the dermis burns were starting to look like bruises so I used a special blend of essential oils and coconut oil (nat simp triple action facial moisturizer to be exact) in those areas only, avoiding my blisters. The blend is light and packed with essential oils known for their skin restoring properties. Plus, it was light and fast absorbing which was going to be excellent for this injury.

Day seven my blister popped...this is when things get bad for me emotionally. During this stretch, I had just been burned. It felt and looked like sunburn for the most part and the blister was a healthy color, this day became a different story. Boy was my anxiety ready to play tricks on me. Worry set in as my leg looked like a prop for next seasons Walking Dead. Every time I looked at it I shed nervous tears. I wouldn't let anyone but my nurse look at it.

Each step of the way my nurse assured me all looked well even though my mind said I’d be scarred forever. The time came at around week two when I felt the natural healing process was in full force. Keep in mind gauze and antibacterial rinse and burn gel had been a part of my daily regimen. For the week after I had a chance to let the injury "air out" and that did wonders. A nice even layer of fresh pink skin formed and it was then I knew I could start applying a thin layer of facial moisturizer/dream cream to my entire injury. With each passing day, the skin healed more and more. The dermis burns started to peel with no trace of a scar underneath it. The sensitivity of the blister burn remained well into week four but I am happy to announce that it has healed almost without a trace.

I cannot prove that the dream cream was the answer to the lack of scarring but I do know it had to have helped...even if it just made me feel better, lowering my anxiety and allowing my body to focus on what it needed to do.

Below are pictures from start to finish. Some are a bit difficult to see as I took them with my cell phone, in the bathroom, alone because I wouldn't even let my husband have a peek at them. One is particularly gross so please understand some may be considered graphic content.

Danielle Small