Essential Oil Companies, Where Do You Start?

One of the most essential oil controversies is “what is the best company to purchase from”.  The answer is not as easy as one would expect it to be.  Let’s take some time to describe the characteristics to look for that would constitute a company to be ranked high or low on a list by me.

Are all the prices the same no matter which oil you are purchasing? If you answered yes to this, it is likely that the oils you are looking to purchase ARE NOT of high quality nor in their purest form.  Oils come from different plant parts constituting different cultivation and extraction methods.  The plants and it's parts abundance would also be a huge deciding factor in the cost too. 

Does the company offer complete information on the batch from which the oil has been taken?  This should at minimum include the date/batch history the origin, description and correct usage of the oil. As a certified aromatherapist, I require more information which includes a GC/MS report, a guarantee and chemical properties at a glance.  The average person looking only for personal use oils may not need all this information but if the company offers it with every oil, they are being transparent, and I personally love that!  There are great companies out there that do not offer all this information and are still trustworthy, making it a personal choice and up to each individual to decide.

What does the website look like?  This may seem kind of…materialistic, but think about the presentation given.  I’m not saying the website must be of stellar status but let’s be real here, a website that contains all the necessary information with great customer service, quick replies to any questions asked, a FAQ full of questions complete with tangible answers, clean and clear direction to the products you are looking for - all in one place - is going to give you a fabulous experience.

Now let’s talk bottles.  First and foremost, all essential oils should arrive to you in dark colored glass bottles.  Depending on the size, the dropper options may be different from company to company.  This is okay, just be sure to check or ask which toppers come with each size ordered.  All items should be packaged well, nice and tight fitting to reduce damage in transit.  This gives you a piece of mind as you dream of you next order of oils arriving.  …I know I’m not the only one…

Next is labeling.  Quite frankly, that label should be jam packed with as much information as humanly possible.  Unfortunately, sometimes this means the info is difficult to read so there are a few characteristics that make some labels better than others. 

·        Color coding -  Does the company color code? They absolutely should.  Is there a key for each color’s meaning? The color coding can sometimes cover quite a few different areas for quick glance information.  Make sure to check this information as it may be different for each company. 

·        Batch number - Does the label have the number right on the label (super awesome, makes logging the oils waayyy easier),

·        Country of Origin -  should always be on the label.

·        Scientific Name -  should always be on the label.

Although there are other items that can be listed for each oil, these are the ones that I first look for.  My favorite labels so far are the new labels by Aromatics International (diagram pictured below), a close second is Eden’s Garden.  As I expand my knowledge with essential oils, so do my requirements for oils I purchase.  Keep in mind there are multiple oil companies out there, trustworthy and transparent, that I have yet to explore.

For a more detail look, click  HERE

For a more detail look, click HERE

  1. Latin Name

  2. Main Components

  3. Categories

  4. Descriptor

  5. Warning

  6. Quality

  7. Batch Number

  8. Country of Origin


In the end, please be mindful of the essential oils you are purchasing.  The characteristics listed above should ensure you are receiving high quality oils.  Having said that, still do your research.  Still look up each oil and be sure you are using it correctly (that’s a whole other blog right there…). Most importantly, ask questions to the properly trained people that can show you the documented facts.

Should you have questions or concerns about essential oils, I encourage you to visit the FAQ section of this site.  There you can see a list of questions and answers already logged. If you do not find what you a re looking for, email your question using the form provided on the FAQ page and it will be answered.  No question is ever a dumb question, so please ask away.

Looking for a more specific answer to an issue you may be having and want to resolve? A one on one meeting can be arranged (in person, email, Skype, however)!  Follow the direction under the ‘service’ tab located in the top menu bar, and we will get that scheduled, or click HERE to be redirected.

In addition, you may visit Consumer Advocate website HERE and see a list of eleven essential oil companies and the top three selling oils from each put to the test. It’s a nice overview of what to expect from each website/company. There’s more to the testing than just the oil…the website, verbiage, etc. Whether you are just getting started or want to see hoe your favorite compares, it’s a must to check out.