Preparing your skin for winter

If you are anything like me, winter wreaks havoc on your skin once that dry, cold air settles in.  Top it off with those warm cozy sweaters and suddenly you’re in an alligator skin dilemma.  I cannot guarantee that this regimen will work for you but what I can tell you is that I have great success with it AND multiple customers continue to rave about their results.

We’ll start with the least popular of “things to do”: shower less.  Yes. I said it, shower less.  Okay so maybe you are not comfortable heading to work without showering each evening (or morning), I get it but what about the weekend?  I mean really, do you have to shower Friday night just to chase children around the house Saturday.  I definitely do not need to shower just to sit in front of my computer all day still in my pajamas at 8pm …the luxury of having an empty nest and working partly from home😉…. Truth is, we shower too often.  Our skin has no time to breathe and allow its natural barrier to build up. Wash up if you must, make some DIY wet wipes, spit bath…whatever you want to call it, just skip a day or two and give your skin the rest it needs.

Let’s talk soap now.  Although our minds have been trained to want those big bubble suds with every scrub a dub-dub, you really do not want them.  First of all, additives are put in most soaps to make them bubbly (aka more chemicals we do not need whether toxic or not).  The additives and then the suds themselves deprive our skin of moisture and often leave behind a film.  If you are looking for a liquid soap, I highly recommend a nice all-natural castile soap.  It will lather a bit but its plant based so you get all the goodness.  Be sure that any scent comes from natural and organic ingredients, NOT just listed as fragrance.  If you go the bar route, there are a ton of options out there and a lot of people take pride in making all-natural soaps.  A quick search for these products will have your head spinning…I suggest looking locally for someone that makes bars.  There is always one close by in every community which is double cool because now you are helping a small, local business thrive!

After you are all clean, then what? Finding the proper lotion or body butter is just as important as drinking water.  Seriously, our skin is our largest organ.  It absorbs what you slather on it.  Let’s take just a few moments on this.  First, go grab your favorite body butter/lotion. Go ahead, I’ll wait right here….

If yours is anything similar to my old favorite, the ingredient list probably looks like this:


Now let’s see what issues we have here. First, water is the number one ingredient. Now water doesn’t seem all that bad but man I paid a lot of money for this lotion to be mostly water!

The next few ingredients are for a different blog, we’ll just say they are not good for you or your skin.

Then there’s the alcohol, more than likely the next few ingredients are in some form, an alcohol. Alcohols are quick evaporating which makes them drying agents and in turn removes moisture from our skin. Seems defeating doesn’t it!? Those nasty alcohols not only remove the moisture from your skin, they also strip the healthy, natural oils that our bodies produce, leaving our skin open and vulnerable to the outside elements.

If you can only commit to one of these, I strongly suggest changing your lotion first and foremost.  Not that it is more important than the others but I feel it has a bigger impact on how your skin reacts.  There are many DIY options for homemade body butters….be sure the ingredients are all natural and organic.  If you are not into DIY, you can find the body butter I personally use HERE.

There you have it.  Three simple steps that will prepare you for winter AND have you on your way to healthier skin – shower less, find a soap that is all natural, change your lotion to a non-toxic, alcohol free formula. 

Danielle Small