Pumpkin spice is everything nice

Well folks, its here.  Midwest USA has closed its doors on summer and Fall has stepped into its place.   It always seems to just show up out of nowhere each year, you’d think I’d be used to it by now!  It’s okay though because with the cooler temperatures comes my favorite scent and flavor of all time, Pumpkin Pie Spice.  There’s something about the sweet smell of warm pumpkin mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg that puts a little extra pep in my step each fall. Couple that with fuzzy socks, over-sized sweatshirts and Saturday football games…I’m in heaven!

Why stop at coffee and candles?  I mean if I love the scent so much, I’m gonna run with it…. well, I’ll walk but I hope you enjoy these fine products too!  Each one has been carefully crafted with the health of the consumer in mind.  All are non-toxic formulas, made with minimal ingredients all of which are all natural, organic and wild crafted in origin.  I use these products myself daily so if you have any questions, I can most definitely answer them from experience.  Feel free to contact me through the mean easiest for you!  Click the link below each picture to read the descriptions and details (you will be redirected in a new window to Etsy).

Fall Harvest Diffuser Blend.jpg
Vanilla Clove Beard Oil.jpg
Sweet Spice Linen Spray.jpg
Fall Spice Hand Cleanser.jpg
Danielle Small