Seven Mistakes People Make When Using Essential Oils

We all want to be experts in the the things we love but the hard fact is, it’s not always that easy…to love it AND know it. Having the knowledge level needed to use certain items extends well beyond reading a few posts on the internet or taking what “Suzy” says as gospel. Sometimes you really need the expert’s assistance, essential oils usage is definitely one of them. Here’s a look at the most popular mistakes people make when using essential oils.

#1 “Suzy told me I could use this on anything for everything”

                FALSE! Each essential oil has its own unique compound which gives it its own special safety precaution. Although many oils do share some of the same safety rules, one should ALWAYS check the contraindications of EACH oil, check if it is photo-toxic, check the safety around pets and children of ALL ages…just check it, look it up and re-check it! The best websites make it easy for us by placing all the information we need about each oil we use right in front of us. If you are super geeky when it comes to oils, I highly recommend DropSmith. An amazing website and program that allows you to see ALL KINDS of information about oils, blends and more!

#2 “I love essential oils so much, I’m going to buy the 48 pack and learn about each one all at once”

                Please do not do this! I love oils and always look for excuses to buy more but, if I could tell my beginner self one thing, it would be to only buy 4 or 5 oils for the first go ‘round. Purchase too many and you will be overwhelmed. Months go by and oils will have been forgotten! There they sit all alone in the oily world just waiting to be opened.  If you had just ordered a few the first time, you may never have order the others you just “HAD” to have (money saved to order the ones you REALLY NEED). You learn a lot about how you will use oils in those first few weeks. You will even learn which ones best suit you and your family. It’s okay to only use a few at first. I recommend adding one or two to your regulars every couple of months to shake things up a bit. Take that time to order one you read about (in smallest quantity). Give yourself the opportunity to really get to know the oil, THEN decide if it needs to be in regular rotation.

#3 “Suzie said I can rub this right on my temples and it will be UH-mazing”

                Well, not necessarily. Unless you think burning eyes and a runny nose are amazing, you may want to stop and think about what you are applying directly to you skin. Essential Oils are uber condensed material and need to be diluted before place on the skin. Careful to not get too close to ANY mucus membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) and be sure not to spread it all around by touching it with your bare hands! To be on the safe side, all oils should be diluted in a high quality carrier oil (which can be some organic coconut oil or even some Organic Olive Oil right from your kitchen). Roller balls are the new black so if you are into making blends that are to be rubbed on your temples, wrists, neck or any other concentrated area of your body they are the way to go!

#4 I love the smell of this, I’ll put extra drops in my diffuser so it last longer

                Although this seems like a perfectly good idea, you will find that there will be more waste than anything. Essential oils can be expensive so lets just add the right dilution and save the oils and our pocketbooks. There are different dilution rates depending on what you are using the oils for, how you are applying them, who is going to be in direct contact AND which oils are in the mix. It’s best to consult your Certified Aromatherapist for all the details. Much better to be safe than sorry. Sorry could land you in the emergency room with a heightened sensitivity to you favorite oil rendering you unable to use it ever again.

#5 All oils are created equal

                The best answer is no, they are not. This here article is not to tell you which are the better picks or why some are better than others, you can find that HERE. What you should know is that each oil company has there own special way to decide which distillers they will trust. The reasons why those distillers are trusted should be passed down to you so you can make your own decision on which supplier to trust! The transparency of a company in this section of there website speaks volumes. Pay attention and you won’t go wrong. For now though, skip the drug stores, large volume websites and department stores…essential oils really aren’t their thing.

#6 Suzy said I can skip cutting up these lemons and put three drops of Lemon EO in my drink

                Well this Suzy, I’d really like to meet her. NO. PLEASE DO NOT MIX ESSENTIAL OILS FOR DAILY INGESTION INTO ANY OF YOUR DRINKS, ESPECIALLY WATER! Essential oils are very concentrated, if not mixed properly the oil will stay happy together and you could possibly damage your mouth, throat, esophagus and more. EOs are oil, oil does not mix with water no matter how many times you shake it. Now, it is true that SOME EOs can be ingested and other countries do practice this. What most people aren’t told is that this is for acute, well monitored, short term and focused reasons. It’s also important to mention the overuse of these oils could make them less effective should you need them for a serious illness later. Imagine that awful feeling of not being able to use this beautiful, natural element you have right in your apothecary because of over usage to make your daily drink taste - good.

#7  “I know what I’m doing. I read all about it on the internet.”

                Although the internet can be an amazing place to find information; it can also be the worst. Unless you have been trained in the area of Aromatherapy, it is best to seek advice from a certified professional. We spend hours learning all the facets of oils, their compounds, how to blend them. Which ones work best with others; some to avoid when and others to keep for the long haul. After learning the basics, we now know how to take that knowledge and build on it, how to decipher from the false information and know when to raise that eyebrow to question. Add in additional training, testing and the amazing support group that allows us to connect with people from all around the world, why would you not ask us!?

If you do not have your very own Aromatherapist to confide in you have come to the right place. In fact it may even be a good idea to keep a couple close by, especially if you really like to dabble in the EO world. Should you have any additional questions, you may use THIS FORM to contact me. To stay informed on the latest Naturally Simplified has to offer, click HERE to join the VIP Circle.

Look forward to sharing with you soon.

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