Essential oil solutions, simplified

Finding the perfect fit essential oil company is hard enough. Then we have to figure out how to use them!? Naturally Simplified was created to help close the gap on healthier living and lessen the struggle of the switch by offering quick and easy solutions. Essential oils are a fabulous way to create a non-toxic environments for you and your family, one drop at a time. Take some time, look around and please, feel welcomed and assured that every question, issue or concern helps each and every one of us learn more about this essential oil journey.


Seven things you should know before you start…

  1. You will save extra money when you purchase a kit. The $35 yearly account fee is waved.

  2. The Aroma Touch and Home essentials are the perfect start to any home apothecary. You save extra money with each, the most when you purchase the Home essentials.

  3. Each kit comes with a beautifully crafted reference book that gives you all the info you need to get started using your oils.

  4. You have options! Listed below you will see three of the options and NONE of them hold obligations. It’s all up to you how you utilize the oils and tools provided.

  5. Loyalty Rewards Program is available for you to earn extra points on all your purchases. We will talk more about this when you are ready to add more doTERRA to your life.

  6. You are not alone in any of your journey. Every step of the way we have direction and guidance to help you through the learning process.

  7. You have me! Certified Holistic Aromatherapist with over 300 hours of class certification and many more hours researching so you don’t have to!


I’m still not ready, tell me more

Emotional Aromatherapy Pic.jpg

Emotional Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has helped me with anxiety, stress, time management and many other issues that I once struggled with. This non-toxic advantage to solving problems on my own has saved me time, money and health!


Why doTERRA and why now…

doTERRA has brought opportunity. I struggled with seeing people use essential oils improperly and wanted to place my foot print on the side of education. doTERRA will allow me to share my knowledge with a vast group of like minded individuals that will also be able to Pay-It-Forward and help others use essential oils to their fullest potential, safely and effectively. Plus, doTERRA just has some really awesome products! For a full run down of all the reasons why doTERRA is ONE of my go to companies that supplies my essential oils, CLICK HERE.


Not ready to make the commitment?

no problem!!


I am devoted to offering many avenues of natural living to everyone that is interested. Should you not yet be ready to jump feet first into the deep end, that is A-OKAY here! With many options available and samples at the boutique, we will find the perfect match for you, your family and your lifestyle needs! Click below to schedule an appointment which can be via email, text, video or in person.


I’m ready to choose, what are my options

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Learn how you can save 25% on all doTERRA products everyday! Sign up and have your own wholesale account. Order whenever you are ready and need more oils. Receive FREE access to groups and emails to keep you informed on how to use all the oils you add to your apothecary.

Pictured: “large bottle” starter kit to solve all your home remedy issues

Pictured: “large bottle” starter kit to solve all your home remedy issues

Do you love essential Oils? Do you dream about making extra cash on the side sharing that love to others? Look no further. Naturally Simplified has decided to offer special training, private groups and a 24/7 certified aromatherpist to help guide you through the process! Work does not have to be hard, boring or uneventful. Join our family of wellness advocates and make a difference in other peoples lives by teaching them how and when to use their essential oils properly. Be a part of the movement to help create a safe, humble and proactive environment in this new-to-us adventure.