Organic Aromatherapy Stress Relief Inhaler

Organic Aromatherapy Stress Relief Inhaler


Small and compact the aromatherapy inhaler can be carried in you purse or pocket and used at any time! The inhaler has an organic cotton wick that has been soaked in essential oils, placed in the tube and snapped in place with a cap. It also includes a twist enclosure cap to keep it fresh for longer!

Enjoy the warmth of a "happy" inhaler... Feeling the moody blues from the winter weather? This inhaler is sure to lift your spirits. Its citrus-y blend of Organic Essential oils will put a little pep in your step instantly!

One Inhaler Kit (cap, tube, cover and cotton)
Organic Lavender EO Lavandula angustifolia
Organic Sweet Orange EO Citrus sinensis
Organic Grapefruit EO Citrus paradisi

Essential Oils available:
Bay - Bergamot Mint - Black Pepper
Blue Chamomile - Camphor - Carrot Seed
Cedarwood - Cinnamon Leaf - Clove Bud
Cognac - Copaiba - Cypress
Eucalyptus - Frankincense - Fir Balsam
Geranium - Grapefruit (rose) - Juniper Berry
Lavender - Lemon - Lime, Steam distilled
Mandarin- Melissa - Neroli
Niaouli - Nutmeg - Oregano
Pala Santo - Palmrosa - Patchouli
Peppermint - Pine - Ravensara
Ravintsara - Rosemary - Sage
Sandalwood - Silver Fir -Spearmint
Spikenard - Sweet Marjoram - Sweet Orange
Tangerine - Tea Tree - Thyme Red
Vetiver - Wintergreen - Ylang ylang

This blend was created to help a dear friend's daughter as she was suffering from SAD, seasonal depression disorder. She was able to take this with her and when she started to feel down and out, she inhaled the wonderful aroma and went about her day. Needless to say it helped her through the hardest and coldest of winter days giving her just what she needed to remind her Spring would be here soon!

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