Beard Oil and Balm Set

Beard Oil and Balm Set


Do not let growing your beard out be an itchy task. This beard grooming set is sure to solve all those issues associated with facial hair. Beard will be silky smooth and your skin underneath will remain hydrated ... itch FREE!


STOCK BLENDS available:

BEARD OIL/BALM #1 - Smokey Woods -comes in with a smokey woods scent that includes a touch of Castor oil (known to promote hair growth), Jojoba oil (extremely moisturizing and locks all the goodness in), essential oils, Vetiver (smoky), Frankincense (woodsy), and Grapefruit (to balance it all out).

BEARD OIL/BALM #2 - Campfire- is what I call the "smokey sitting by the camp fire eatin' jerky" scent. Made with the manliest of man in mind, this oil also has a combination of Castor oil, and jojoba oil with only Vetiver essential oil.

BEARD OIL/BALM #3 is custom blend of essential oils of your liking. Please see the list of essential oils available below. As with the other oils available the combination of Castor oil and jojoba oil are the same. An email with the oils you would like used should be sent with your order. There is an additional $5.00 charge for all customer Beard Balm orders.

Essential Oils available:
Bay - Bergamot Mint - Black Pepper
Blue Chamomile - Camphor - Carrot Seed
Cedarwood - Cinnamon Leaf - Clove Bud
Cognac - Copaiba - Cypress
Eucalyptus - Frankincense - Fir Balsam
Geranium - Grapefruit (rose) - Juniper Berry
Lavender - Lemon - Lime, Steam distilled
Mandarin- Melissa - Neroli
Niaouli - Nutmeg - Oregano
Pala Santo - Palmrosa - Patchouli
Peppermint - Pine - Ravensara
Ravintsara - Rosemary - Sage
Sandalwood - Silver Fir -Spearmint
Spikenard - Sweet Marjoram - Sweet Orange
Tangerine - Tea Tree - Thyme Red
Vetiver - Wintergreen - Ylang ylang

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