Organic Cocoa Shea Body Butter

Organic Cocoa Shea Body Butter

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This blend is an organic body butter served straight. No water has been added to emulsify the mixture. The ingredients are heated slowly and at very low temperatures to create a smooth velvety butter that you will be sure to love! Cocoa-Shea Body Butter is a skin nourishing body butter that has no scent added. The soft chocolaty scent is derived naturally from the cocoa butter used. Each one is hand made, poured and labeled. Quantities of each batch are limited to ensure that the consumer receives a fresh product.

***PET plastic, 8 and 4 ounce containers
***Organic Shea Butter
***Organic jojoba oil
***Organic coconut oil
***Naturally processed and pure filtered beeswax.

Looking for the amazing moisturizer filled with all the great benefits the store brands are lacking? Look no further, it is right here waiting for you! Have ultra sensitive skin and need SOMETHING to help with that dry itchy-ness? Looking to change your daily regimen and begin to decrease the amount of chemicals you put on/into your body? Naturally Simplified's Cocoa Shea Body Butter is perfect for you. Receive more than you expected while minimizing the number of ingredients. Naturally Simplified ensures those ingredients are organic and natural to combat your skin ailments all in one.

Items can be made-to-order with requested essential oils. Please contact Naturally Simplified for any special formulas you would like to have made. There is a minimum of two per special order.

Essential Oils available:
Bay - Bergamot Mint - Black Pepper
Blue Chamomile - Camphor - Carrot Seed
Cedarwood - Cinnamon Leaf - Clove Bud
Cognac - Copaiba - Cypress
Eucalyptus - Frankincense - Fir Balsam
Geranium - Grapefruit (rose) - Juniper Berry
Lavender - Lemon - Lime, Steam distilled
Mandarin- Melissa - Neroli
Niaouli - Nutmeg - Oregano
Pala Santo - Palmrosa - Patchouli
Peppermint - Pine - Ravensara
Ravintsara - Rosemary - Sage
Sandalwood - Silver Fir -Spearmint
Spikenard - Sweet Marjoram - Sweet Orange
Tangerine - Tea Tree - Thyme Red
Vetiver - Wintergreen - Ylang ylang

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