Organic Vanilla Clove Beard Oil

Organic Vanilla Clove Beard Oil


The Organic Vanilla Clove Beard oil comes in a beautiful serum bottle that dispenses a controlled amount of oil per pump. This makes finding the correct amount of oil for your length of beard simple and savvy.

Fight the starter itch! This fabulously crafted beard oil has been made to not only condition the beard you are growing but also keep that facial skin underneath moisturized and free from "the itch". Specially formulated to keep your bead soft and silky smooth without leaving behind a greasy mess. For those who already have an established beard...this blend will keep it soft and manageable no matter the length.

**Enjoy 2 full ounces of your choice of beard oil
**Customize to fit your personal scent preference
**Easy dispense serum pump

Organic Vanilla Clove is the Natural Classic formula with a hint of vanilla and a dash of clove to create the perfect scent for fall.

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